Q: One pad feels stronger than the other

A: This is normal.  Different areas of your body will react differently. Nothing needs to be done.  Make sure the pads are moist and are making good contact.

Q: Unit is on, but no sensation is felt in the pads.

A: Both pads are not firmly on the skin.  Or there is a loose connection.  Or the intensity level needs to be increased. Make sure both pads are firmly pressed to the skin.  Make sure all connections are secure from the unit to the wires and the wires to the pads. Increase the intensity level.


Q: Adhesive gel pads do not stick to skin even after cleaning and moistening the gel pads.

A: Adhesive gel pads need replacing. 


Q: Unit does not turn on or the screen is dim.

Q: Did not provide adequate relief.

A: Battery is low and needs to be charged.

A: Not using it long enough or frequently enough.  Not lying down when massaging neck. Use your Unit 20-30 minutes at a time, 3-5 times per day.